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The company was established in 1952. During 65 years of its activities, the company has come a long way from producing and repairing simple equipment to the production of sophisticated machinery and specialised automatic woodworking machinery for the carpentry, furniture and construction industries. Our offer, however, is not limited to machines. We like to emphasise the fact that we do not sell machines but reliable wood processing solutions: the entire technology and innovations that increase efficiency and limit production costs.

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Company History


On 2 January, Gorzowski Zakład Przemysłu Maszynowego Leśnictwa (Gorzów Forestry Engineering Industry Plant) was established from the workshops of “Paged” and Wytwórnia Narzędzi Leśnych Państwowej Centrali Produktów Niedrzewnych “Las” (the Forestry Tool Factory owned by the General Office of the National Non-Timber Product Centre “Forest”). The company produced simple tools and repaired forestry equipment.


The production of “Dzik” single-axle tractor was launched. Two years later, the company started producing “Mrówka” soil miller. Over the next fifteen years, more than 16,000 “Dzik” tractors were produced in the plant.


The first milling machine produced in Gorzów plant, the FJNe bottom-spindle milling machine, was introduced to the market. From then on, the company would focus solely on the production of woodworking machinery.


The first multiple-spindle drilling machine (27 spindles) was produced. Over the subsequent years, GZPML produced, among others,  top-spindle milling machines, table lathes, multiple-spindle drilling machines and tenoning machines. The plant produced the most state-of-the-art machinery of that time.


Gorzowski Zakład Przemysłu Maszynowego Leśnictwa transformed into Fabryka Maszyn do Drewna GOMAD (GOMAD Woodworking Machinery Factory). In the 1980s and 1990s, the company was the leader on the Polish market of woodworking machinery production and the machine tools produced by GOMAD had a significant impact on Polish furniture industry.


Poland’s first numerically controlled (CNC) wood milling machine was engineered and produced.


The company was privatised. Fabryka Maszyn do Drewna GOMAD Sp. z o.o. was established.


GOMAD began to specialise in the production of individually engineered multi-purpose machine tools. The first AWL automatic drilling machines for lathes and AWP automatic drilling machines for drawers were produced (2005).


The production of SPS brushing machines and PPV-300 and PPH-170 pneumatic presses was launched.


The FPL/PWL process line for joining wooden elements end-to-end was launched into the market, one year later followed by a highly efficient AWN/AFU shaping and drilling line.

Associations and organizations

GOMAD has been an active member of industrial and regional associations and organisations. We believe that the exchange of views, knowledge and experience is extremely important. We have been a leader in both our industry and the region as, owing to active cooperation with other companies and institutions, we have been able to come up with solutions which are perfectly tailored to customers’ needs, initiate new projects, pave innovative ways and co-create trends.

The Association of Manufacturers of Woodworking Machinery, Devices and Tools DROMA

The Polish association of individuals and companies related to the sector of woodworking machinery and tools. The main objectives of the organisation include: coordinating cooperation in the design and construction of machinery, organising joint information and marketing projects.

Lubuski Klaster Metalowy (Lubusz Metal Cluster)

GOMAD has been one of the initiators of the cluster whose aim is to create a regional culture of innovation and resourcefulness through the cooperation of cluster members as well as their cooperation with the education and public sectors.

Lubuska Organizacja Pracodawców (Lubusz Employers’ Organisation)

One of the oldest employer organisations in Poland with over 7500 companies employing around 4 million people in total.

Zachodnia Izba Przemysłowa
Zachodnia Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa (The Western Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

An independent organisation of nearly 700 business entities (who have become its members either directly or through federations) supporting its members in establishing international business relations and innovative initiatives.

The Congress of the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers EUMABOIS

A non-profit organisation, aimed at promoting the European woodworking machinery industry, protecting its business and dealing with all matters of relevance to its members. The main tasks of the Federation include technical, marketing issues and fair trading policies.