Belt brushing machine SPS-100

SPS-100 belt brushing machine
SPS-100 belt brushing machine
SPS-100 belt brushing machine

This SPS-100 belt brushing machine has been designed for sanding of wood and wood-derived materials, sanding between operations during lacquer application and sanding primer coats, ground coats and paint coats on MDF boards. It is simple to operate and provides optimum sanding results. Using this sanding technology reduces processing time and improves the overall finish quality.

The belt brushing machine is suited for use in woodworking shops and industrial plants, as well as in stair and furniture fronts manufacturing plants.

The SPS-100 belt brushing machine has a single sanding area with a height of 100 mm. The design of the machine is based on a cogbelt with sanding segments to which brushes are attached similarly to sanders with round heads. This sanding technology has considerable advantages when compared to round heads with brushes. The sanding belt contacts the entire surface evenly and does not have any whip. The workpiece is pressed to the belt and does not have to be moved forward, as is the case with round head with brushes, which saves time. As a result, using this method provides a much quicker process. The ability to select the correct abrasive material, its grit size, cuts and support method allows for obtaining optimum sanding, polishing and oil or wax spreading results.


SPS-100 – design

Body – welded steel structure


  • Inclination and position adjusted in relation to brushes
  • Horizontal movement in relation to brushes
  • Equipped with a fan and a set of valves creating a layer of air under the workpiece, allowing for moving it easily and preventing damaging its underside

Sanding machine

  • Single, 95 mm wide sanding area
  • Comprises a belt and 70 brush segments
  • Each segment has two notches for attaching brushes or a combination of sandpaper and brushes
  • Up-down oscillation prevents creating pits in the sanded surface and improves sanding quality
  • Manual height adjustment using a handwheel, with the height value displayed using a SIKO counter which enables using the entire width of sandpaper

Sanding belt linear speed adjustment

  • Electronic, stepless RPM adjustment of belt drive motor
  • Optimum sanding speed selection for all types of workpieces and sanding materials
Stepless belt speed adjustment
20-220 m/min.
Belt drive motor power
0,75 kW
Belt lenght
2800 mm
Number of brush segments
Top-bottom oscillation
32 mm
Manual work area adjustment
70 mm
Oscillation motor
0,75 kW
Fan motor
0,75 kW, 2800 RPM
Table dimensions
2400 x 620 mm
Table angle adjustment
0 - 10°
Table offset adjustment
60 mm
Height above work table
850 mm
Dimensions (length x width x height)
2400 x 1100 x 1200 mm
Diameter of chip extractor port
ø 100 mm
Air demand
680 m3/h
480 kg