Automatic Drilling Machine for Drawers AWP

An automatic universal drilling machine designed for drilling openings for dowels and handles as well as longitudinal grooves in wood, particle board and wood-derived products e.g. front panels of drawers. The machine uses two top units, two bottom units, a stock feeder and an undercut saw. It operates in an automatic cycle.

The top and side drilling units travel along guides and the position of their spindle axes can be adjusted. The machining cycle is as follows: first the stock is taken from the feeder, it is transported to the machining position and held by pneumatic clamps, then the material is undercut and drilled at the same time, finally the stock is transported to the pick-up area. The undercut saw unit moves longitudinally on bottom beam guides and is powered by a gear-motor. Adjustments are made using position meters.

Max. stock length
1103 mm
Min./max. stock width
64/350 mm
Working height
850 mm
Number of top/bottom/front drilling units
Number of spindles in top/bottom units
Spindle spacing pitch
32 mm
Top/bottom unit feed cylinder travel
100/80 mm
Spindle rotary speed / unit motor power
3000 RPM / 1.1 kW
Saw rotary speed / saw motor power
8000 RPM / 1.1 kW
Saw diameter / undercut depth
125 mm / 0-10 mm