Drilling Machine for Laths AWN

AWN Drilling Machine for Laths

Modern, efficient drilling machine for drilling openings for pegs, concealed hinges and other openings. Depending on process requirements, the machine will drill openings in various types of laths in a single cycle. The drilling units can be equipped with multiple-spindle linear heads and special purpose heads.

The machine can be expanded by adding top, side, front and torsional modular units and an automatic feeder. It also provides comprehensive programming capabilities (drilling order, single- or multiple stage drilling). The AWN drilling machine may be combined with the AFL automatic machine tool to form a processing line for formatting laths on two sides.

Number of top and side drilling units
per customer order
Number of front drilling units
Width of top and side units
160 mm
Unit feed cylinder travel
100 mm
Drilling unit motor power
1.1 kW
Spindle rotary speed
2850 RPM
Stock length
250-2500 mm
Stock width
20-200 mm
Stock thickness
10-50 mm
Machine dimensions
4250 x 2150 x 2100 mm