Drilling Machines WU

WU 5G-5D-2C

Multi-purpose drilling machines with adjustable spacing between top, side, bottom and torsional drilling units equipped with multiple-spindle drilling heads, intended for drilling various types of openings. Their modular design provides numerous configuration options (working length, number of units, pneumatic clamps etc.). They allow for single- and multiple-stage drilling and programming the operation of units depending on the user’s needs. The stock is fed to the machine and extracted from it manually. The remaining drilling functions are performed automatically (stock clamping, simultaneous drilling from 3 sides, clamp release).

Number of top drilling units JG
1-10 (per customer order)
Number of side drilling units JB
1-10 (per customer order)
Number of front drilling units JC
1-2 (per customer order)
Number of top drilling units’ spinders
1-15 (per customer order)
Number of side drilling units’ spinders
1-13 (per customer order)
Number of torsion drilling units’ spinders
1-13 (per customer order)
Number of front drilling units’ spinders
1-9 (per customer order)
Spindle spacing
16-44 mm (per customer order)
Distance between JC front drilling units
250-2500 mm
JG, JB, JC, JS unit width
160 mm
Feed cylinder travel
JG – 100 mm, JB 100 (120 mm)
Maximum workpiece width
200 mm
Maximum workpiece thickness
50 mm
Max. drilling diameter
35 mm
Spindle rotary speed
3000 RPM
Distance between side drilling units’ spindles and working table
6 – 35 mm (55 mm)
Drilling units motor power
1,1 kW
One-step and two-step cycle duration
4-6 s and 6-10 s
Required air pressure
0.4-0.6 MPa
Compressed air demand
2 m3/h per drilling unit
Feed drive type
pneumatic with stepless speed adjustment
Power supply voltage
400 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (length x width x height)
2200 – 4000 x 1500 x 2000 mm
2500 – 3000 kg