Multiple-Spindle Drilling Machine with NC Controller WU-NC

The machine drills openings for locks, cabinet hardware and assembly system elements. It operates in three axes: two axes (drilling depth and height above the table) are set manually, while the length of the workpiece (X-axis) is programmed using a touch-screen device with program saving capability (storing up to 100 programmes). The drilling units (one or two) with multiple-spindle drilling heads are installed to the travelling carriage. Stock is fed to the machine manually. Drilling cycle starts with the press of the pedal: the stock clamp closes, the working feed commences (drilling in assigned locations), finally the moving parts return to their starting positions.

Work table length/width
2600/700 mm
Work table height above ground
850 mm
Spacing between drilling units
224 mm
Position of drilling units above table
0-100 mm
Drilling unit feed cylinder travel
120 mm
Unit motor power / spindle rotary speed
1.1 k! / 3000 RPM
Unit travel speed in X-axis
0-30 m/min
Unit travel length in X-axis
2600 mm
Unit travel drive in X-axis
planetary gear with servomotor
Dimensions (length x width x height)
3580 x 1780 x 1500 mm