Double-sided tenoning machine CD-2

This double-sided tenoning machine has been introduced in 2007 as a modern milling machine intended for use with wood and wood-derived materials. It has been designed for making tongues and grooves, birdsmouths and tenons on both ends of workpieces. It uses a shared bed with two bodies with drive units and fixed headstocks. One of the bodies is fixed to the bed, while the other can be repositioned depending on the length of the workpiece. The spindles are installed using ball bearings which allow for operation at high RPM. Each spindle has its own cylindrical casing, allowing it to be moved in the vertical axis using a lead screw and a worm gear. The working part of the spindle is covered with a shield which also acts as a chip extractor and additional support for the spindle. Due to the large size of workpieces, the tenoning machine is equipped with a mechanical feeder and a workpiece magazine. The machine is controlled using push-buttons installed in the control panels and in additional cabinets. The feed rate can be set with precision using a potentiometer and an electronic display located in the middle of the control panel.

Minimum distance between spindle axes
600 mm
Maximum distance between spindle axes
2400 mm
Minimum height of workpiece package for machining
120 mm
Maximum height of workpiece package for machining
170 mm
Maximum workpiece magazine width – thickness of workpiece package
300 mm
Minimum thickness of workpiece package
170 mm
Power supply voltage
400V/50 Hz
Main motors (milling machine)
2 x 11 kW, 2880 RPM, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Spindle rotation speed
6000 RPM
Spindle diameter
40 mm
Maximum vertical feed of spindles
50 mm
Spindle height
190 mm
Min. tool diameter
120 mm
Max. tool diameter
300 mm
Feed motor
1,5 kW
Feed rate – stepless control
1-12 m/min
Right-hand fixed headstock feed motor
0,55 kW
Feed rate
1.2 m/min
2200 kg