Tenoning machines FP, FPm

Highly efficient machines for cutting tongues and grooves, tenons and dovetails. Their tables move towards the saw and machining unit (in the fpm variant the travel is automatic and has stepless speed adjustment).

After machining, the workpiece is returned to the operator.

Optional equipment includes: rule with stop, rest, pneumatic clamps and glue applicator.

Saw motor
3.5 kw/3000 RPM
Max. saw diameter
400 mm
Max. cutting thickness
120 mm
Spindle rotation speed
3000, 4500, 6000 RPM
Spindle diameter
ø 40 mm
Shank height
180 mm
Max. tool diameter
350 mm
Table lifting height
65 mm
Longitudinal table travel
1380 mm
800 kg
Optional equipment
Rule with stop
Pneumatic clamps
Glue applicator