Bottom-spindle milling machines FD-2, FDW-2

FD-2 bottom-spindle milling machine
FD-2 bottom-spindle milling machine
FDW-2 bottom-spindle milling machine

Milling machines for machining edges of straight components, decorative laths, tongues and grooves, tenons and dovetails. They are equipped with cast iron tables. The spindle moves has an up and down movement range of 100 mm and it can be inclined (FDW-2) between -10° and +45°.

Optional equipment includes: side tables, rest, tenoning machine, feed drive, spindle raising cycle meter, angular guide.

Spindle rotation speed
3000, 4500, 6000, 9000 RPM
Spindle verical travel
100 mm
125 mm
Spindle taper
Morse taper no. 5
4.5 kW / 5.9 kW
Table dimension
1020 x 900 mm
Height to table surface
850 mm
900 mm
Distance between spindle and table edge
450 mm
Diameter of chip extractor port
Ø 80 mm
Air speed in chip extractor port
25 m/s
700 kg
780 kg
Optional equipment
Side tables
Tenoning machine
Feed drive
Spindle raising cycle meter
Angular guide