Process Lines for Joining Elements End-To-End FPL / PWL

The process line can be set to create two types of finger joints: standard (throughout the entire height of the board) and hidden (the finger joint is masked by a lateral cut). It consists of a FPL milling/tenoning machine for processing ends of boards by cutting the finger joints and applying glue and a PWL press for joining and pressing the elements together to form laths with length up to 3 running meters (6 running metres in the case of a hydraulic press). The line also includes a rotary feed table and an intermediate table between the tenoning machine and the press. The material is fed from the tenoning machine to the press manually, while the remaining parts of the cycle (cutting, pressing, side ejector) are performed automatically.

Milling fixed headstock
11 kW / 6000 RPM
Undercut saw motor (press)
1.5 kW / 2800 RPM
Saw diameter (chipper, press)
ø 300 mm / 290 mm
Upper and lower undercut saw
ø 160 mm
Package dimensions
500 x 120 mm
Board length
200-700 mm
Fixed headstock travel mechanism
Dimensions of glued board (width/thickness)
30-120 mm / 18-40 mm
Press compressive force
4000 kg / 0.6 MPa