Triple-sided drilling machine for use in process lines WPT-300

The WPT-300 drilling machine has been designed to work in automated machining lines, which is reflected by its design allowing the workpieces to pass through the machine as they are processed. It can also operate as a free-standing unit. The drilling machine is intended for making openings for pegs in wood, particle boards and wood-derived materials.

The drilling machine’s frame comprises two gates joined together with two vertical beams. The bottom beam carries the vertical units installed on linear bearings and the right-hand horizontal unit. The top beam supports the clamping mechanisms.

The left-hand horizontal unit is permanently fixed to one of the gates. Each horizontal drilling unit comprises a body, a head, spindles installed using ball bearings, a flexible coupling and two motors.

The vertical drilling unit is equipped with two independent sliding motors with rotary heads. Drills are installed in spindle mounts. The spindles use rolling bearings and are powered with electric motors via flexible couplings. The feed of the units is controlled using pneumatic actuators.

The drilling units with heads are installed on two guides, which allows for positioning them at the desired distance from one another. The feeders and the workpiece clamping system are installed together with the side units. After processing, the workpieces are transported out of the machine using a belt conveyor.

Number of vertical drilling units
Number of horizontal drilling units
Number of spindles in the head of a horizontal unit
Number of spindles in the heads of vertical units
2 x 11
Spindle spacing pitch
32 mm
Distance between spindles of a horizontal unit
704 mm
Minimum distance between vertical units
160 mm
Distance between horizontal units
250-2925 mm
Workpiece width
200-800 mm
Maximum workpiece thickness
40 mm
Maximum spindle axis height in each unit
35 mm
Feed cylinder travel
70 mm
Maximum drilling diameter
Drills installed in quick-release mounts
10 mm
Spindle rotary speed
2000 RPM
Motor (units)
12 x 0,75 kW
Motor (feeder)
2 x 0,37 kW
Workpiece feeding rate
40 m/min
One-step drilling cycle duration
3-6 s
Two-step drilling cycle duration
4-8 s
Required air pressure
0,4-0,6 MPa
Compressed air demand
76 m3/h
Power supply voltage
400V, 50 Hz
Dimensions without feeders (length x width x height)
4800 x 2000 x 1850 mm
3500 kg