Drilling/milling machine WF-20

WF-20 Drilling/milling machine
WF-20 Drilling/milling machine

The WF-20 drilling/milling machine is intended for making cylindrical openings and milling elongated openings (seats) in various types of solid wood, softwood, hardwood, particle board, hardboard and plywood elements. The drilling/milling machine is used for making openings for dowels and seats for locks using manually controlled oscillating feed. The openings are made using drilling heads or a single drill by following a template. The spacing of openings in the template is 16, 22, 25 and 32 mm.

The WF-20 drilling/milling machine is well suited for work in furniture and first fix joinery factories, as well as in other wood industry plants. The machine is easy to operate and enables performing numerous woodworking tasks utilising all skills of the operator. It may be used to supplement the existing equipment resources in single piece production e.g. in the service industry.

Optional equipment: 

Drilling heads with 3 – 13 spindles

Max. drilling and milling diameter
ø 20 mm
Max. drilling depth
180 mm
Max. drilling lenght
180 mm
Work table dimensions
280 x 600 mm
Max. distance between table surface and spindle axis
130 mm
Spindle rotary speed
2800 RPM
Motor power
2.2 kW
Air demand of chip extractor
300-350 m3/h
Air velocity in the extraction system
19-22 m/s
Extractor nozzle connector diameter
80 mm
Dimensions (length x width x height)
1240 x 1350 x 800 mm
350 kg